Am I eligible for a Grant?  Which ones?  How do I go about getting one?

Everyone else seems to be benefitting from them. What about me?

Where is all this money from Europe going?

All good questions. And all very difficult to answer – UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERT.

At Hawkeye Business Solutions we are the experts in knowing how to get grants and which grants are available in different parts of the UK.

But this time, being an expert is not enough.

To complete this task you not only need to be an expert but you also need the patience of a Saint and the thoroughness and accuracy of an Actuary.

However, the good news is that at Hawkeye Business Solutions we do have the necessary skills, and patience, required to successfully make these grants available.

The problem is the schemes change constantly – as do the rules governing them. We take away all the pain and anguish because we have experts who are doing this day in and day out. They know what changes are being made, they know what forms need to be completed and the words required to complete them. They know the minds of the people who hold the purse strings.

The Hawkeye Business Solutions Grant Service is based on successfully realising your rights to these grants and backing ourselves to deliver for you.

Please contact us to kick off the process to get your business the Grants that it needs and that it is rightly entitled to.